Use IRUWASA Mobile Services

Using any mobile phone.

1. Dial*152*00#

2. Select number 6 (Maji)

3. Choose IRUWASA in the pop up menu number 2

After that you will get different menu described as follows.


1. After a complete survey and analysis choose number 1, then Enter reference number to pay for a agreed invoice

2. To view Previous Readings, Current Readings, Current Consumption ,Balance forwarded, Bill Forwarded and Total Bill choose number 2 and enter Account number.

3. To view Current Bill choose number 3 and then enter Account number.

4. To view account Status choose number 4.

5. to see other services choose choose 5

6. to view your token choose 6.

7. To go back to the previous Menu press *

8. To Cancel Select ** (two stars)