• It is not allowed to assault, resist or willfully obstruct IRUWASA staff in the due of execution of his duty.
  • To disconnect water and sanitation services for the liable customers.
  • To be allowed to inspect at any time concerning services at customer’s premises, Institutions and at any Industry.
  • Water pipes from the main to customers water meter to be owned by IRUWASA.

IRUWASA Responsibilities

  • To connect customers to clean water and sewer networks at any time when needed.
  • To provide potable water and sanitation services to Iringa Municipality.
  • To notify customers about any interruption of water and sanitation services.
  • To offer services without favoritism.
  • To educate customers on the proper use of water and water resources protection.
  • Proper keeping of water and sanitation infrastructures.
  • To ensure revenue collection for strengthening services.
  • Rehabilitation of system infrastructures from the main pipe to customer water meters when reported or identified.
  • To cooperate with other service providers such as the Region Commission, the District, The Municipal Council, the Tanzania Electricity Company LTD (TANESCO), Road Agency (TANROADS), Tanzania Building Agency (TBA) Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Tanzania Telecommunication Company LTD, Police, Postal and other stake holders.