• Responsible for ICT governance and formal controls over IT systems
  • To Prepare ICT budget, project, strategic and network capacity planning
  • To enforce and updating of IT policies (compliant to Auditor General)
  • Liaise with ICT Service Providers and Vendors
  • Management of Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • To supervise all related ICT projects
  • Legalization of all software
  • Updating and maintain ICT disaster recovery plans
  • Responsible for support and maintenance of IRUWASA systems
  • To maintaining the standards for server installations and applications
  • Support, maintain and monitoring of all application/file servers
  • To administer and support of the LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • To support and maintain Active Directory end users
  • Responsible for procurement of new hardware and software
  • To enhances Service Delivery using information and computing.
  • To ensuring the integrity of data, improving Services Delivery, and fostering a bright technological future for IRUWASA
  • To improve and enhance the ICT platform in alignment with the need for business to have higher productivity.
  • To ensure that the business objectives of delivering services to the customers are met