Ensuring that the Utility has adequate and quality human resources to attain the utility goals


Analyze, determine and review human resources requirement

Supervise recruitment selection and placement of human resources

Develop and oversee the proper implementation of necessary human resources
policies, manuals and the staff related regulations

Identify, formulate and implement strategies to retain competent human resource.

Develop, and regularly review human resource policies and procedures

Regularly asses and review skills gaps and prepare staff training and development programs.

Determine, review and supervise the Authority's compensation and incentive schemes

Coordinate and supervise the implementation staff welfare

Prepare and implement staff confirmations, promotion and retirement plans

Prepare and propose staff salaries reviews and other incentive packages

Designing and maintaining human resources and administrative records and
documentation to meet both standard and statutory requirements.

Coordinate the practice of leadership techniques, including coaching, mentoring and counseling of staff.

Maintains proper record keeping, and retrieval system

Establishing and maintaining effective internal communication system

Coordinating and facilitating the development of performance contracts and staff appraisal (OPRAS).

Maintaining cleanliness and security of corporate premises and buildings,

Coordinate and manage internal transport logistics

Prepare periodic reports on human resources management and, administration


Co-ordinates all Human Resources management functions and
maintain maximum levels of employee productivity and creativity.

Prepares and supervises the implementation of training program for
staff development.

Reviews, monitors and update staff information including employment records and salary adjustments for incorporation in the payroll on monthly basis.

Follow up changes in labor laws, regulations, circulars and human resources guidelines and coordinate the implementation.

Plant and Maintenance

Facilitate the preparation and implementation of voluntary agreements,
and liaise with the trade union for maintenance of sound industrial

Coordinates the implementation of training policy and advises on available training opportunities.

Facilitates staff recruitment, and selection process

Coordinates staff performance appraisal and compile the reports

Prepares periodical reports on the implementation of human resourcesactivities


Supervises registry activities including proper receiving of incoming mails, monitor documents movements and maintain proper record keeping.

Facilitates transport requirements and monitor fuel consumption

Monitor and administer Security, and cleanliness services

Coordinate and organizes staff welfare functions

Facilitates the implementation of administrative rules and regulations

Monitors and ensure proper use and maintenance of buildings and corporate

Title processing and maintain legal ownership of land and buildings

Follow up and facilitate timely insuring of corporate assets