Customer Rights

  • To receive adequately water and sanitation services at a right time.
  • To receive correct information at a right time.
  • To receive clarifications about water and sanitation services.
  • To ask for water meter testing Performance.
  • Confidentiality to customer’s information/ customer’s information to be secured.

Customer Responsibilities

IRUWASA customer has the following Responsibilities:-

  • Timely payment for water and sanitation services for sustainable services.
  • To notifying the Authority on the damaged infrastructures of water and sanitation services, water leaks and any illegal connections to rescuer water loss.
  • Proper keeping of IRUWASA infrastructures like water meter and pipes.
  • Proper use of water services for the required purposes.
  • To ensure environmental protection to water sources and upkeep of waster water stabilization ponds.
  • Proper use of sewer networks.